An essay on richard billinghams photography

Billingham trained as an artist who wanted paint portraits of his father. The group exhibition at Castlefield will be showing a video of a leopard from a series of photographs and videos you made of animals in captivity. In the background there are lots of bright, garish, cheap, trinkety looking objects on a book shelf and some messy wallpaper, It looks untidy and real.

The photograph is a film image, most likely taken on an a cheap film to assure garish colours and bad focus. This leads neatly to the question of exploitation. Billingham even directed one, himself. It has just got worse over the years.

The composition of this photograph is very clever although I doubt he arranged it. What was the most unusual aspect of your travels. Neither Billingham nor Cunningham started out wanting to be photographers.

Oh what wonderful places they will go. What was the inspiration behind the series. In only a few of his photographs do his subjects even seem to be aware of his presence, which perhaps can be considered reflective of a family dynamic wherein the members are continually off-guard by nature of their relation He graduated from Sunderland University in He lives at a lot of different addresses.

They married in and I was born soon after. It is so cheap now. It is so cheap now.

An essay on richard billinghams photography

The wall behind Liz is covered in patterned wallpaper, and the cabinet nearby is cluttered with tchotchkes: When I was filming and photographing I was often looking for ways to visually integrate them with their spaces.

Billingham has not chosen to point his camera at this kind of chaos; maybe it's too big for his viewfinder. He drinks, slumps lost in his thoughts, falls over, is sick, sleeps and starts the cycle again.

At some point, Billingham must have realised that chaos is only amenable to a certain amount of rehabilitation, and started concentrating on those garish, oddly beautiful photographs instead.

It is a photographic vision of magnificence… but, magnificence in poverty and pain, in tragedy, of brilliance in ugliness, an aesthetic tour-de-snapshot-force of voyeurism and realism. Does he want us to ignore the narrative of hopelessness, addiction and boredom and only see the shapes on the page.

She likes pets and things that are decorative. She told me everything she knew about it, in particular that its eye was quite special in that just before it would blink a separate eyelid, underneath the eyelid you can see, would blink. He simply named this series "Zoo", and it features photographs of animals found at Dudley Zoo such as lions, gorillas, monkeys, giraffes and crocodiles.

And now, both artists have inspired films that turn the camera around and do the same for them. Many of the images appear theatrical — the design of the enclosure, the lighting and the repetitive actions of the animals give it a sense of unreality, as if the animals are detached somehow from time and space.

Talking to some of the zoo visitors. Like wine, over time one learns to love this ugly aesthetic… and when you do, oh the taste is sweet, oh so sweet.

My mother taking me to Dudley Zoo as a child. Now he has loads.

Richard Billingham

That night I went to a pub, still thinking about how, when I returned the next morning, I could film it better. Ray's A Laugh is a portrayal of the poverty and deprivation that Billingham experienced as a child growing up and it focuses on the lives of his alcoholic father Ray and his chain-smoking mother Liz.

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The ASX Team View posts by The ASX Team. My Essay On Photographer Richard Billingham April For my essay I have chosen to write about English photographer and artist Richard Billingham, who is best known for his photo-books which includes the critically acclaimed book "Ray's A Laugh" which was first published in Example research essay topic: Critical Analysis Of Richard Billingham Photography - 1, words Search NOTE: Free essay sample provided on this page.

Critical Analysis of Richard Billinghams Photography essays and term papers available at, the largest free essay community. Richard Billingham’s “Ray’s a Laugh”, published in by Scalo, is a bone jarring chronicle of the parts of life that shouldn’t the life that tried, but wouldn’t, and dreams that simply couldn’t.

It is a chronicle of everything that hurts a cartoonish-nightmare jaunt through the .

An essay on richard billinghams photography
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An essay on richard billinghams photography